The Secrets Of Positive Living (DVD)

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Today we hear a lot about the power of positive thinking, which focuses on self-affirmation, self-elevation, and self-motivation. But the problem with positive thinking is that it is only temporary. Through The Secrets of Positive Living, Michael Youssef teaches 15 secrets for positive living, which will help you to live positively for Christ. In this 15-message collection, Dr. Youssef draws from 2 Corinthians, one of Paul's most personal and intimate letters, to explain the secrets that motivated Paul to rise above his circumstances. Discover more about the differences between positive thinking and positive living in this series, which covers topics from forgiveness to peacemaking to giving.

"The Inflow-Outflow Equation"
"Claiming the Priceless Deposit"
"Learning to Enjoy Forgiveness"
"Overcoming Timidity"
"Reveling in the Real Fountain of Youth"
"Having True Health, Wealth, and Prosperity"
"Mastering the Art of Peacemaking"
"Using the Power of Example"
"Allowing Sorrow to be the Back Door to Happiness"
"Getting Through Giving"
"Being Appreciated"
"When Pride is Good"
"When Jealousy is a Virtue"
"Seeing Stars Instead of Scars"
"Always Being Ready for Exams"

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