A Biblical Worldview of Government: A Non-Partisan Perspective (PDF)

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What does God say about government? To what degree are Christians called to be involved in politics? How do you decide whom to vote for when you feel morally conflicted?

As the United States careens into an embattled election, these questions and more have become polarizing topics. As the 24-hour news cycle and a toxic use of social media fans the flames of vitriol and fear, many are becoming increasingly hostile in their political discourse. In an age when everyone seems to have a bias, who can tell us what the Bible says on these issues?

Born under a socialist dictatorship in Egypt, Dr. Michael Youssef legally immigrated to the United States and became an American citizen. His unique Middle Eastern heritage, his degrees in Theology and Social Anthropology, and his decades of traveling around the world and meeting with heads of state, have uniquely qualified him to give us a Biblical worldview of government. In this resource, Dr. Youssef answers your most pressing questions, unpacking what the Bible says about politics, the role of government, and more.
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